What Are the Specifications of Wholesale Bulk Led Lights?

Key Performance Metrics

Buying wholesale bulk LED lights requires understanding the performance metrics that are important to quality and application suitability. The following are the most important factors that buyers must consider.

Luminous Efficacy

Important parameter luminous efficacy shows how good a light source converts electricity to to light. In other words the amount of light produced by a bulb in a particular energy is called efficacy and it is measured in lumens per watt(lm/W). Importance of Investing in Top-Quality Wholesale LED LightsWholesale LED lights offering superior lighting efficacies ranging from 100 lm/W to over 180 lm/W usually have better overall performance and energy efficiency than traditional lighting solutions. Furthermore, being cRI and cCT compliant, these cost competitive wholesale LED options can, improve the overall lighting quality and customer experience by providing vibrant and realistic lighting scenarios to large residential or commercial premises.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

This takes the Color Rendering Index, (CRI) into account, this is a measurement of how a light source can accurately reproduce the colors of different objects compared to a natural light source. High CRI values, typically between 80 – 90+, are needed for applications that require the most accurate color reproduction (e.g. retail shopping, art galleries).

Color Temperature

Kelvin (K) tells you the color and covers a range of warm (lower K-values) to cool (higher K-values) emitted color from a bulb. Wholesalers who offer LED lights have a wide range of color temperature that they can put out, ranging from 2700K (warm white) to 6500K (daylight), depending on the customer needs.

Lifespan and Durability

Life span of LED: the importantinection, the actual service life of the general 25,000 hours to 50,000 hours, far more than conventional light source. And this also covers durability, which sometimes can be certified as a level of protection with IP (Ingress Protection) codes that estimate the dust and water protection of an electronic device, critical if it will be exposed to harsh weather conditions or on an industrial environment.

Beam Angle

The beam angle indicates where light emitted from the LED is going to. More than 120-degree beam angles are good for general ambient lighting, and as low as 15-degrees are for focused lighting spotlights and task lightings.

Compliance and Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency: One of the most important features of a high-quality LED is energy efficiency, which for the most part, all high-quality LEDs are energy-efficient including any certifications (ENERGY STAR/DLC/etc.) it may or may not have. This certification guarantees that the products will not only save energy but also reduce operational costs over time.


For many commercial and residential environments, dimmability is a critical attribute that allows users to cycle the lighting levels at various times during the day or to certain atmospheres. Currently, but with some improvements to be made on the market, are some LED lights that offer great dimming abilities allowing drivers to smooth change the LEDs from no light to full light without flicker.

Physical Dimensions

LED lights come in many different shapes and sizes from more traditional sizes meant for retro-fitting into existing fixtures to brand new types that are specifically made for simpler, space-saving installations. Such a versatility of LEDs makes them perfect for lighting in any sphere, both being used in those tiny recessed lights illuminating homes, and large industrial fixtures.

If you want to have top of the line lighting products then you should look for them on Wholesale Bulk LED Lights.

Learn about these important requirements so that consumers can get the best results from wholsale bulk led lights when they buy their work, saving precious energy and ensuring that the device they choose can add value on all fronts. These details not only help to decide the correct product but also to maximum benefit the return on Investment as energy saving and reduced maintenance.

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