What Is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsapp Features and Effects

GBWhatsApp is the unofficial version of WhatsApp, the messaging app with more than a billion users that we all know. GBWhatsApp has additional features which appeal to users who want more control over their app, including extra privacy options, more themes, and ability to share larger files, that are not available on the standard WhatsApp.

Features and UI Expanding

There are lots of privacy settings to password protect it (One important feature I considered the best thing in GBWhatsapp). It can hide your online status, blue ticks (reciepts), and the typing status -- protecting your privacy in a way not available with regular WhatsApp.- It also lets you send larger video files of up to 50 MB, and documents of up to 100 MB - far more than WhatsApp's limit of 16 MB.

Security Issues & Legal Requirements

The GBWhatsApp is offering many features to the user but it has lots of security risks. Because it is not an official app put out by WhatsApp Inc., it will not have the same security processes as the ones enforced by WhatsApp Inc. There is also an ever-present chance that such unofficial applications might slip malware or spark data breaches. Additionally, using any of these modified versions is against the WhatsApp terms of service, and may lead to a lifetime ban from the actual app.

Market Impact and User Base

Because it is not an officially sanctioned app, it is hard to get a firm figure on total user numbers, but reports suggest that it has been downloaded thousands of times as users gravitate toward the additional functionality offered by GBWhatsApp. Even if true, this seems to have never materially hurt WhatsApp market dominancy, as many users would rather trust the official app for security and trustiness.

This Is How You Can Download & Access

Since GBWhatsApp is not on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, it has to be downloaded from third-party websites. This method is more dangerous and endangers users from entering insecure links that contain them.

Conclusion In conclusion, GBWhatsApp does provide some features not available in WhatsApp and those are definitely tempting, but the same comes at a far higher cost, i. e. increased security vulnerabilities and threat of your application being blocked for violation of terms of service. With all that said, these are some of the things you should carefully consider when deciding whether or not you should go for this unofficial app or wait for the Original one from Niantic.

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